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Quitting. February 9, 2010

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Sorry, but I am too busy to run this website anymore. There is a sister site created by the exact same person, but updated much less frequently.


It is less cooler, but I will keep this blog because it has a really cool domain.


Diary Breaks! February 2, 2010

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The puffles’ diaries will be either A.) Discontinued, or B.) updated less frequently, but not discontinued. Which one do you choose? Comment here!

  • Discontinued (recommended)

O Updated Less Frequently (not recommended)

Welcome A New Puffle To The Family! February 1, 2010

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A stray white puffle was discovered along the coast of the shore of the Beach. It blended in with the snow. I, Soulathena, cannot help bragging that I have such good eyesight that I discovered it. It told me its name was Frost, and it was female. NOOO! A NEW PUFFLE ON ICE’S SIDE!


Nothing, mommy. *runs away*


Villain Found In Various Disguises! January 26, 2010

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Ever since the new villain, Lestrumas, has discovered our puffles’ precious blog, she has been attempting to destroy it. She has been in disguises, and the only one we currently know of is, as titled by Lestrumas, the ‘Ninja Guider’.

Ninja Guider:
Lestrumas in a 'Ninja Guider' disguise.

Plot: To lure in some new puffles to pufflenap by ‘pretending’ to be a tour guide, and then steals their puffle at just the right opportunity. Beware!

Villain spotted + New Poll January 25, 2010

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Villain spotted.

Name: Lestrumas (This is NOT the username she uses on Club Penguin)

Favorite Places on Club Penguin: Town, Plaza, Dock (Although she could be anywhere else, research shown she is most likely to be in these locations)

Favorite Servers: Sleet, Mammoth, Avalanche, Yukon (She could be on any other server, though)

What To Do If You See Her: Take a screenshot. Then, attach it to an email going to pufflesfireandice@rocketmail.com please! (Take the screenshot quickly, because she is going to waddle along to other places very quickly! Oh, and DO NOT report her.)

Last Seen: 3:04 PM PST, at the Town on the server Sleet.

Be sure to take this new poll! It will disappear on February 15th, so vote quickly on your opinion!

Hello puffles Fire and Ice, who shouldn’t even be looking at this now! January 24, 2010

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Welcome to Fire, Ice, and Soulathena’s official puffle website. If they discover their blog while it’s still under construction, you must tell me immediately, because it was supposed to be a surprise. Such spoiled puffles!

Hehe, hi Soulathena, just messing around with your new site that is still under construction!